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I can illustrate just about anything you want, from logos and portraits to picture books and beyond. Pricing and samples are shown below…if you don’t see something listed, reach out and ask at!

Payment Policy
For all projects, a 50% deposit is required before work begins. The remaining 50% is due upon completion. I accept Venmo, PayPal and Facebook Pay (routes to PayPal).


Simple Figure

Bold outline,
basic color & shading.


Complex Figure

Bold outline, full color, basic shading, effects & background.


Complex Figure w/Effects

Bold outline, full color, shading, effects & background detail.



Two figures, bold outline,
color, shading & simple background effects.



Three or more figures, bold
outline, shading, background

Starting at $200.00


Singles or couples in sepia tone,
replicating old family photos.

Starting at $150.00


Line + Grayscale

Symbol/figure in black,
grayscale shading & effects.


Line/Text + Grayscale

Symbol/figure, text in black,
grayscale shading & effects.


Line/Text + Color
Symbol/figure, text in color, full-color shading & effects.

Starting at $250.00

Graphics Package

Logo sized for Twitter, Instagram,
Facebook and/or web.

Price of Logo + $50.00

Picture Books

Value Package
24 simple color images with white background, including front cover image.


Custom Package
24 to 32 full-color images with finished backgrounds, including front and and back cover images.
Starting at $1000.00

Other illustration projects available upon request.
Contact me at for more info.

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